"Publishing Prof — medіya" organizes professional B2C and B2B tastings and presentations of wine, spirits and food.

We have the most extensive database of alcohol importers, distributors , retailers , HoReCa and consumers contacts.

During its existence, "Publishing Prof — medіya" conducted more than 70 professional tastings for Ukrainian , Italian, Greek, Spanish, Norwegian, Slovak companies and agencies to find business partners in Ukraine or popularize a particular brand.

"Publishing Prof — medіya" — organizes Gastro festival Food & Wine, which is held twice a year in Radisson blu hotel in Kiev.

The aim of the festival — and improve the gastronomic wine culture, present high quality products to gourmets and tell about the culture of wine consumption.

Cheeses, meats, olives, pastries , sauces , seasonings , wines and delicacies from around the world presented on the festival.

The festival brings together a tasting and presentation of food and wine, as well as various workshops organized by the magazine Vinofest , chef of Mille Miglia restaurant, and the famous nutritionists. Also gastronomic tastings and other "tasty" events , competitions and quizzes for visitors available on the festival.

To discuss the co-operation with our web-site or print magazine Vinefest, please call +380442337795 or write an e-mail: